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We have no upcoming events at this time.  However, we are looking into virtual events and will update information soon.


The Women’s Expo Forum was created to capture the essence of  live events that directly impact community to fill a void in the market place by helping women obtain a richer, smarter, and happier place . This thought created an event focused on Self, Health and Wealth.

The Maryland Women’s Expo has grown in ways unimagined. We strive to offer opportunities for businesses and organizations.

Designed in 2000 to be a RESOURCE FOR OTHERS, the platform provides an opportunity for 220 exhibitors and 35 to 70 speakers workshops, all presented by the exhibitors and sponsors of the event.  The expo has provided over  $250,000 in scholarships and donations.


  • A venue for sponsors and exhibitors to market, exhibit, and sell products to local community and the business community.
  • Establish networking strategies that are a perfect fit.
  • Empower women-owned and women-operated businesses by facilitating their participation in the MD Women’s Expo as exhibitors, sponsors, and suppliers. All workshop and speakers are reserved for exhibitors only.
  • Recruit volunteers and employ local residents wherever possible in the provision of products and services related to the Expo.
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